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My Wife Is So Stupid » Lets Start with her latest major stupidity

Lets Start with her latest major stupidity

About a month ago I came home from work and she said to me in a real serious tone that she had lost her job. As the initial shock was wearing off I thought to myself, “how could this be, did she get laid off, a fight with her boss or some other calamity that would be a reason for termination?”.

So I said, “why, what happened”?

I could not believe my ears when she said “for being late too many times”.

This from a 48 year women with 2 kids, a mortgage, two cars, two dog and all the other responsibilities of almost every adult in America. She couldn’t manage to get her fricken butt out of the sack and get to work. It’s not like it was 3 in the morning, her regular staring time was 7am.

I had said many times to her that she should try to make it to work on time. Her reply was they didn’t mind, well apparently they did. They had even given her a written warning.

What makes matters worse is that her job had good benefits. I was able to sign up for benefits at my place of employment but at $100 more a month and $30 co-pays instead of $10 co-pays. Also by sighing up for insurance at my work I lost my HRA that paid for the co-pays from the benefits she lost with her job.

And the topper is she said I should get some counseling because I have a problem with forgiveness and letting go.

Man is she stupid!.

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  2. What a awesome find! I’m glad I found this Lets Start with her latest major stupidity | My Wife Is So Stupid blog.

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  4. OK, yeah…you have something special there to deal with. I too have one sharper than a bowling ball. Get this!. There are three of us in this family and jumbo (wifey) decides to go on a diet. She stops eating but only at home. No cooking, thus no washing dishes which she despises. No cooking so no buying food except for breakfast, which she gets out and lunch which she orders in. We made a deal, as I am disabled and draw a small pension and she makes just slightly less than me, that we would share bills. My daughter is starving because she won’t buy food. She says…”I don’t eat at the house so I’m not buying food for the house.” I provide food for my daughter. Wifey..sure has no problems buying a *hit load of food for the stinking ass dogs and cats. No, she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and before the question is asked….yes her fat ass will be kicked to the curb just as soon as my daughter leaves home, which by the way, she can’t wait. On that day I will give wifey two things, an ass whoopin and a backpack. She can pack up her shittin dogs and cats and hit the bricks….I can’t wait…go find a nice tenament and settle in next to your flea laden ankle biting ,shedding parasites. Wade through dog and cat turds to your hearts delight……I’m just saying….why are women so damn stupid, and why am I so tolerant?? Go figure!

  5. I feel for ya man :^(

  6. I know this hasn’t been posted to in over a year but…..
    At least yours finally did go into work… As of today fat ass is just sitting at home while she has what I consider a good job. Sadly I could never let her carry the benefits; she is to fucking lazy… if breathing wasn’t an involuntary action she’d die of asphyxia. This morning started off like any other, got up took a bath got the kids ready, she got up and…. WTF took the dog out? At this point I was knew the lazy fuck was ditching work. She’s been written up for her stupid sorry ass nonsense before, so I figure on hearing I’ve lost my job at any point. Then let’s see what her sorry ass thinks when she’s out the door, I’ll kick her ass to the curb as fast as possible (she not small anymore, could take me a good 10-15 minutes). Yeah I married her, she was knocked the fuck up and I had no clue what the fuck to do… But she was fucking hot, I couldn’t get enough…. then…oh shit “I do”… From that moment on she shut down the pussy plant, quite keeping it trimmed or shaved, and gained weight like a fucking cow. Then my stupid horny self fucks her three years later and another kid. Now I love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but she looks knocked up all the time, wears shit I’d never be caught dead in to work, and I wonder WTF.. I’ve even pulled out old photos of how hot she was and throughout hints… She’s worthless, and I’m going to be stuck paying her until I die I just know it. I’ve came to the conclusion she’s not built for much more then to stick a dick in, and she so lazy that doesn’t even happen… Now every job she’s worked at of course she starts with the loving it, then someone is against her, and then the whole fucking place hates her, or so she says and it’s all downhill from there. Sorry the only constant I see is your fucking up, and just as lazy there as she is right this minute laying around the house streaming Netflix of old TV episodes. You’d figure she could do one maybe two things… Only thing I know she is good at is lying around on her ever growing fatter ass, and that does not include taking dick… It’s sad she once tried to work a Logan’s to make extra money and quite in less than two weeks… Sad she’s so lazy she’d lose a job as the local truck stop whore if all she had to do was lay on her ass in a sleeper while some guy did all the work…I feel your pain every two minutes I swear… I’ve turned from trying to get her to change her fat ass ways to running her off. She’s too lazy to even leave, screwed around on her almost in front of her face, she got mad blamed me and turned the kids against me.. all from a chair or couch no way she was getting up for too much. Funny thing was she did start giving up pussy, I said sorry and it was over with the other girl. Pussy was returned to its rightful locked away position. But unless she loses her job I only have 2830 days 8 hours 31 minutes and 20 seconds more from right now and she’s out on her flabby ass….. I love http://www.timeanddate.com it’s how I start and end my work day…countdown till freedom….

  7. as I read these commetns and look at my own relationship. I have only one question to ask…

    WHY THE @#$% ARE WE SO STUPID ???!!!!!

    We are smart enough to know they are messed up. Smart enough to know what the basic minimums are.

    Are we saying ALL women are stupid or only the ones avail are stupid or only stupid women will want us ???

    If that is the case. We are more messed up and stupid then the women we complain about.

    Lets’ all grow a “pair” get a good lawyer which shouldnt be hard SINCE WE HAVE BRAINS !!! and take the kids and kick her sorry ass out and if you dont have kids. Even better and easier.

    I can not believe for a moment that settling for this in ANYWAY !!! makes us out to be smart.

    I am consulting lawyers and ending this madness.

    Even if she ends up with someone better than me (cant see how) I would rather pass her problem on to some other stupid guy who thinks with his dick then to keep making excuses for someone there is no excuse for her being the way she is. Period. End of Story !!!!!!!

    Dump the Idiot, forgive ourselves and MOVE the *bleep* ON

  8. Guys,

    the problem is they are smart, and we are dumb,

    why else would we put up with,

    lazy ass shit, no job keeping spending money,

    My wife is a boat anchor,,, eats up all my extra cash on her fucken teeth stiches and crap she brings home,

    bitch took 10K, under the guise that it would be held for taxes on income, noooo, she has been running off spending it on out to eat crap, that is making her fat as hell,,, Gee strange how I am the same at 40 as when we first got to gether but she gained 60plus pounds,

    I must be dumb as hell, guess that is why I medicate myself daily to deal with her,,,

  9. why not just tell the lazy bitch to go get a new job and get of her fat lazy ass

  10. My wife gave me three sessions with a therapist as a fathers day present because she thinks I have problems that need sorting out. On the second visit with the therapist, the therapist indicated that my wife is a control freak and I needed to get out of this marriage. That was the best fathers day present ever!

  11. You Lucky Bastard! I didn’t get a thing from her, but my daughter got me some nice stuff.

  12. I’m sure none of you have any issues at all do you?

    Like for example marrying trophy wives and expecting them never to gain a pound or an inch? Cheating? Hating in them for there bodys naturally changing with age and kids? LMMFAO looks fade retards. I love my wife. I married her because I loved who she was as a person not her perfect ass and guess what that ass may be gone but I couldn’t care less. Like I haven’t gained a few lbs and have wrinkles of my own at this point. She still loves me too. Maybe the reason your wife is so lazy is cause she has zero will power to live because she can feel the hatred dripping off of you every second of the day. Every one of you need to grow the fuck up. The one commenter who mentioned your wife isn’t buying food for the daughter yeah something needs to be done but divorce? REALLY? How about a conversation first? I guess it doesn’t matter I think these women would be better off with out you all. So they can go find some one who ACTUALLY loves them from start to finish.

  13. OK Danny let talk about the last job she lost with a company that has the second best benefits in the country, it’s a local hospital. For three months I calmly discussed the importance of having benefits at our age. How that with her type 1 diabetes that we where going to need that insurance more then every. I’m 56 and she is 51. I calmly explained to her many times that it doesn’t matter if her boss doesn’t care if she is a little late. There are people in big corporations who’s job it is to monitor job performance and it is their job to enforce the rules no matter what her immediate supervisor says.

    This went on for 3 month until she finally lost her job for tardiness.

    We have attended marriage counseling, sat down and had meaning full talks, explained the importance of doing a good job and the great feeling I get when I get the job done.

    She wasn’t crazy about her job to which I told that she has her foot in the door to one of the fastest growing job markets in the US today. The hospital would pay for any kind of training she wanted she chose to do nothing.

    This is a 50 year old adult who can’t mange to get to work on time and won’t take the time to improve her position and you are saying that some how it is my fault.

    I married my wife for love too. But there needs to be more then just love. I like to describe a marriage as a three legged chair with the legs being love, trust and respect.

    If one of the legs is broke, such as trust or respect, you can balance the marriage with a lot of hard work. but when two of the legs are broken it just doesn’t work any more.

    I have lost all trust and respect for my wife, sometimes love just isn’t enough.

  14. I also understand where you are coming from. My wife can and will always do some stupid stuff. I have tried over and over to explain things to her and she thinks her way is the right way. Her way is way too far from being even close to right. I do love my wife though. She does mean the world to me, I have just learned to deal with her and argue from time to time about things. I do good to even get a home cooked meal around here. She cooks out of boxes most of the time. I do just about all the cooking here and 98% of the work around the house.
    There was one week where I needed to deposit like 6 dollars in the bank to keep from getting a Over Draft. She said” don’t worry about it right now, we will do it later”. Then we went out that night and went out to eat. I knew the whole time that most of the money was going to be gone before I could get to the bank the next day. When we got home, I had like $20 still left in my wallet and she got mad when I said I needed to go and deposit it in the bank to keep from having to pay overdraft fee. After a long argue, she decided she needed the money more than the bank did. At the end of the week, there was 2 overdrafts where they tried to take the money out. That costed me $35 for each one($70). After the fact she seen what I was telling her that it was stupid to keep the $20 out, it costed me $70 in the long run. That is just some of the crazy stunts my wife tries to pull. I know” I should have just deposited the money, but I wanted to prove a point that I was right and she was way wrong, even though it cost me $70 in the long run”.
    I still love my wife though. I just “learned to deal with her”. Don’t give up on your wife. It sounds like she is going through something right now or has something on her mind. You might want to get to the bottom of it and everything will go better.

  15. At least you wife worked. My wife has not worked a day in her life for the last 14 years. I even had to type her resume for her and she would not go for job interviews. What’s worse is now we have kids. Once you have kids, you are F’ed. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh and to add to my last comment. I had what was almost terminal cancer and almost died, but have survived. You would have thought that would have woken her up to get a job right? Well, no. I went back to work and then got fired several years later due to a company reorganization. Do you think she woke up and went to work? Well, no. I found another job but the new company restructured and now I am looking again.

    If we were smart enough to think with our brains instead of our xxxx’s, we wouldn’t be in this mess, would we.

  17. I can’t believe there aren’t 12 million comments on here….

  18. take it easy mate, she is your wife after all

  19. My wife is prone to self harm. When she is distressed she has been known to do things to herself to cope with the pain. This came out of her in counceling. I new to some extent that it was going on. I was hoping it had stopped.

    Yesterday, I come home and her left arm had a giant bruse on it. The bruse was 2 inches down from her elbow joint, on the fleshy inside part. I look at the bruse and I think of the times when she slammed her arm in a door because she was angry. The time when she Jumped out of my moving car, because she was angry. The time she smashed the hell out of her monitor that I gave to her as a gift, because she was… angry. The time she kept bashing her head into the back of the tub and wouldn’t stop until I noticed blood and called the paramedics. I look at her arm and then listen to her story.

    She is reluctant to tell me her story. I try to be as soothing as I can, but It is difficult to not let out some doubt in my voice. …She fell on the floor… how did she fall?… she slipped… How did she slip?… water… how did she get a bruse on her arm like that from waking it on the floor?… She doesn’t know… She fell face first with the baby in her arms… how did she come out with the kid unscathed?… kid fell on top… why was there water on the floor… She flooded the kitchen… how did that happen… She sat down with the child and breast fed her while she waited for the sink to fill with water, because it was taking too long… I didn’t ask any more why questions after that point…

    I did pretty good. I didn’t make any accusations when she was howling about how stupid she was. I said she normally zones out and looses track of time when feeding the baby, so I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t scold her. I asked her to take her time,and try not to panic next time. I’m glad everyone came out relatively unscathed, and no I did not call her stupid…

    But that bruse… It comes back to that bruse for me. I could see her get up after the minor disaster and start bashing her arm against the fridge. That would totally be in character.

    Then again maybe her hip landed on her arm.

    Trust is super important. I constantly feel like I have to keep an eye on this woman, but I don’t want to be a control freak. I don’t trust her. I try, but the doubt always creeps in. It’s tiresome and it eats away at everything like a cancer. It’s times like these that I feel tested. I want to be supportive, but I can’t justify the thought process, and I don’t believe her story 100 percent. There is that doubt, always that doubt…

  20. WOMEN are the nastiest thing we will ever “own” in our lives. I am on disability and my wife insists on me going back to work. I suffer from ptsd, agoraphobia bi-polar/manic depressive. She has had four jobs in the five yrs we have been married. I have had over 300 in my life-time. I try, just can’t win. She says I lied to her in the beginning, but we were together for a yr and a half before we got married, maybe i should run for politics. I give her everything within my power and all she wants is “stuff”. I would have left along time ago but we have kids together. I dont get women at all nor if this one ever falls thru capture one again.lol gl to u all and if ur spouse is keeping anything from u and i do mean anything, ur not getting 100% of them and by proxy not 100% of their love or respect. any time someone is closed off its because they distance themselves out of feeling like u have somthing over them, they DISTRUST you first. just a lil fyi.

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