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My Wife Is So Stupid

Hey It’s Been a While

Sorry It’s been so long. I’ve pretty much given up on the wife. She is still late for work. Even after losing a job at the local hospital, with the second best benefits in the country, for being late.

I’m not sure if I told you she is also gambling away all of here tips, and went thru about $10,000 of our 401k that we have been living off of since I lost my job.

I finally made the decision to divorce her. Kids are all grown, no money left to bicker about. I’m pretty sure I can get the house, she has no means of keeping it.

I now have a job and am getting offers for better ones. I think the economy might finally be coming around.

I will let you know how the divorce goes .

A Card for Forgiveness

[issuu viewmode=presentation layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml showflipbtn=true documentid=100705195342-029dd6da3a754f2aa07179eabf9d5d4a docname=card username=jdbennett55 loadinginfotext=Forgiveness%20Card showhtmllink=true tag=stupid%20wife width=420 height=544 unit=px].

Here is a Good One


What Differance Does 10 Minutes Make When Getting Out of Bed

I would really like to find out how anyone can figure that 1o more minutes laying in bed will have a09ny difference in how rested you are.

For some reason the wife seems to think that if she postpones climbing out of the sack by 10 or 15 minutes she it will make a difference in how rested she is.

All it really does is makes you late and starts your day with the stress of running around trying to squeeze your 30 minute morning routine into 20 minutes.

Hey wait a sec, maybe that’s it. She just doesn’t give a crap about anything. I try to get to set out her clothes and stuff but she never does. I tried and tried to talk to her about being late for the hospital job she got fired from. (See this post to get up to date on that nightmare)

So if anyone out there can show any proof that 10 minutes does anything for you except get your day started off wrong. Please let me know..

You Mean I Should Tell You When I Set Up an Automatic Payment

I take care of the bills since the last time she had a go at it they shut off the electricity. She said she didn’t pay because she needed to make sure enough money went into the savings fund.

Apparently she was saving for a rainy day not the dark of night.

Well any way I was checking one of the credit cards online to make a payment and I saw that one had already been made. I asked her about it and she replied that she had already paid it. In fact she had set up an automatic payment so she wouldn’t be late anymore.

I said “when were you going to let me know?” She just got a far away look in her eyes and said ” oh yeah, that would probably be the thing to do”

Yeah I think so, it would definitely help to know if $50 was coming out of the checking account once a month. It sure would make balancing the account much easier.

Lord give me strength!.

Had a Big Blowup Last Night

It’s amazing how frustrating it is to try and convince someone that there is something fundamentally wrong with thinking it’s no big deal to loose you job because you were tardy too many times.

I suppose I should just expect that kind of thinking from someone who once said “I’m not going to let house work interfere with my kids having fun”. Translation: I’m using my kids as an excuse not to do my own work. I’m also teaching them that it’s OK that you don’t have to have responsibilities. It’s OK to teach them that you don’t have to do your chores, or school work, you can just expect rewards with out responsibilities or effort..

It’s Amazing How the Little Things are Magified!

It’s amazing how the little things are magnified when you’re really pissed off to begin with. Now I know why people say “well she wouldn’t let me have the remote. That’s why I killed her and all of her relative.”

Take last night for example.

She was going out to returns some cans and bottles and pick up a few thing. She asked me if there was anything I needed or wanted. So I said to her how about a bag of M&Ms, plain. She said OK.

Well she goes to the store and comes back and I hear her pouring some candy into a little glass bowl that we use for such things. She brings it over to me and inside the bowl are these little pointy things that were not M&Ms.

I’m not trying to be a prick or anything, but it just seems to me that if somebody is really pissed off at you and you ask that person if they want something from the store and they specifically ask for a certain brand name and certain type of product you would naturally bring that person what they asked for. Right?

Wrong, Oh buzzard breathed one!

She not only brings home Hershey’s Kissables which are a tiny version of Hershey’s Kisses with about 3 times the candy shell of M&Ms. They also have no decernable chocolate flavor at all.

But that’s not all; she didn’t just buy a small bag and say here try these and see if you like them, which I don’t, she bought 3 one pounds bags of the things.

I just sit and shake my head..

Well She got another job. Waitress at a bowling alley.

Well after 27 years of working and gaining valuable experience (see first post) the wife has a new job.  Waitress at a bowling alley. Wow, what goals,what aspirations.

She said it was just temporary till she gets another good job, one with benefits.

What the hell was the  matter with the last one. You had a good job, you had good benefits, all you had to do was get out of bed and get your ass to work on time.

I’m surprised my head just doesn’t friggen pop right off my shoulders.

Stop by next time to see how her job interview would go if I was interviewing her..

I Wish the Kids Were Retarded or Something

Ok, this happened when the oldest was going into the 1st grade. We were filling out some paperwork and she found the form for financial assistance for the food program.

After reading over the requirements for eligibility she came to the conclusion that we made to much money to qualify for free lunches so she came up  with this gem.

“I wish the kids were retarded or something then we could qualify for the free lunch program.”

I just looked at her and shock my head..

Oh Wait, That Wasn’t the Latest, This Is!

So two weeks after she lost her job for being tardy, I come home from work and there’s a Honda Scooter in the back yard.  I’m like WTF!

I am  about to loose my frigen mind. I go in the house and ask what was up with the scooter and say says she bought it.

She had been looking for months on Craig’s List  and eBay, but seening as how she had just lost her job I figured that plan was on hold.

Apparently not.  I queried her about where she got the money. Her reply, “I saved it”. So here we are going from a two income family to a one income family and she is blowing money on a frigen scooter.

To top it all off she didn’t test drive it. It runs for about 5 minutes then dies..